Quality products, simple and affordable fleet management solutions


The GO7 device is without a doubt the most advanced telematics device to manage your vehicle fleet. The installation process is quick, simple, and does not require specialized tools nor the help of a professional installer.


MyGeotab is an online fleet management software with no additional cost for Geotab clients. Consult all the information on your vehicle and the driving behavior of the driver in one place, and take faster, better-informed decisions to better manage your company.



The ZenduCAM allows you to see your vehicles live on the road.  The sturdy mobile application allows fleet managers to follow the precise location, activity and driver’s behaviour in real-time.


The Driver Challenge is an exciting new way to motivate and coach your drivers. We use gamification to turn every work day into a friendly competition. Drivers are scored and compared on KPIs, trends are analyzed to give both drivers and managers insights on what needs improvement and who deserves recognition.


Choose from professional equipment designed for your industry. Our tables are strong, rugged and resistant, a perfect match for the transportation and construction industries.


AttriX’s advanced diagnostics with the Enterprise system ensures a complete access, remotely, to the condition and fault codes of each one of your fleet’s vehicles. Our API also allows advanced integration with most popular maintenance software, such as MIR-RT, enabling your mechanic team to ensure a better planning and follow-up of the trucks required work.


AttriX combines the experience of its training team, the expertise of its compliance partners, and the Geotab and JJ Keller solutions to offer the best solution in terms of electronic road mapping (e-log), RDS and IFTA management. No matter the size of your vehicle fleet, we can support you for an easy transition to the new regulations.


Training is essential for a successful implementation. At your office or online, we guide you through the configuration and setting up of our fleet management solutions. Our team of trainers includes experienced drivers with class 1 licenses, who provide training on Ecodriving, monitoring CRP, training on bill 430, trip inspection, and, of course, the electronic log book.

Are you ready for the electronic log book?

Carriers travelling to and from United States must comply, as of December 18, 2017, to the regulation that requires the use of the E-log. We can help.