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Optimized Engine Maintenance And Repair With Immediate Fault Code Information And Expert Guidance

AttriX’s advanced diagnostics with the Enterprise system ensures a complete access, remotely, to the condition and fault codes of each one of your fleet’s vehicles. Our API also allows advanced integration with most popular maintenance software, such as MIR-RT, enabling your mechanic team to ensure a better planning and follow-up of the trucks required work.

– Color codes for each vehicle’s condition

– Safety score for each vehicle

– OEM playback for your devices’ faults and all intelligent components

– Solution recommendation for each fault and impact on vehicles

– Available for heavy vehicles from 2006 up to today

Cummins Connected Diagnostics

Connected Diagnostics™ uses the combined power of Cummins and Geotab to analyze the fault code data, prioritizing all active and recently inactive faults to provide a high level of confidence that the recommendation to stop immediately or service immediately is the right one. Determining the root cause of the system failure to the component level, Connected Diagnostics™ driven by Geotab facilitates the repair and minimizes downtime.

In addition, thanks to the new X15’s and next generation X12 connectivity features, our complete integration with Cummins Connected Diagnostics will enable remote management of Active DPF Regenerations, push engin firmware updates and even power calibrations per trip topography to optimize engine performance and power per the drivers assigned route.

OnCommand Connection

Available on Pro and ProPlus, OnCommand Connection monitors entire fleets health in real time no matter the manufacturer.

Get action plans on more then 18,000 engine faults

Prioritize needed repairs while avoiding unnecessary service visits

Filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame.

Filter information by vehicle type, fault code or time frame.

Locate the dealership closest to your vehicle’s location