For a successful implantation


Training is essential for a successful implementation. At your office or online, we guide you through the configuration and setting up of our fleet management solutions. Our team of trainers includes experienced drivers with class 1 licenses, who provide training on Ecodriving, monitoring CRP, training on bill 430, trip inspection, and, of course, the electronic log book.

Our training incorporates detailed presentations of laws and regulations, in-depth analysis on how the applications work, simulations, an exam as well as a certification. Our driver trainings are eligible for government credit to the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (law of 1%).

We also offer interactive Webinar-type training with a maximum of 10 participants with specific time windows. Our webinars showcase the same content and certifications as the group formations, but in a more flexible timeframe for drivers on the move.

E-Log Training

Complete training on the new American regulation pertaining to the electronic log book, as stipulated by the FMCSA and the DOT. The training, 4-hours long and given to groups of 10 drivers at a time, focuses as much on the electronic log book as the electronic management of operating hours.

Trip Inspection Training

The training on trip inspection helps introduce your drivers to the AttriX Trip Inspection module on the Geotab Drive app. 4 hours long and given to groups of 10 drivers at a time, the training allows to insure your fleet’s conformity to the new regulation on trip inspection, in force since November 2016.

Geotab Drive Training

Geotab Drive is an easy-to-use app for your E-Logs and trip inspections. Available on telephones and tablets. We offer a complete training so that you may use the app efficiently.

Geotab Drive Administrator Training

Our training consists of an explanatory presentation of the Geotab Drive app, regarding operating hours and trip inspections. What’s more, the MyGeotab administrative training includes a section on classing task status, availability and trip inspections.

Geotab Drive Driver Formation (without law)

This training includes a complete presentation of the Geotab Drive app concerning operating hours and electronic trip inspections.

Requirements for Law 430 Manager (pair with a Geotab Drive training)

This two-hour-long training is for fleet managers. It focuses on different requirements and evaluation policies for owners, operators and drivers (PECVL), in accordance with the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

Requirements for Law 430 Driver (pair with a Geotab Drive training)

This training, four-hours long and given to groups of 10 drivers at a time, is for heavy vehicle drivers. It focuses on promoting awareness in front of the requirements and responsibilities regarding the managing owner’s file, operating and driving heavy vehicles, and the ongoing regulation in the transport industry in Canada.

EcoDriving Training

Transition Énergétique Québec certified, the EcoDriving training includes a theoretical component and a practical one. The latter allows drivers to master sustainable energy driving habits, thus enabling reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission. The training’s theoretical component is offered in class, and the practical component is in the form of road accompaniment to ensure the application of driving techniques.

* This training is eligible for a governmental reimbursement.


Carriers travelling to and from United States must comply, as of December 18, 2017, to the regulation that requires the use of the E-log. We can help.