AttriX Launches GoSight

GoSight : All Power Combined

For nearly 15 years, our team has simplified advanced telematics in the transportation industry and today we are proud to pursue our mission with the launch of the GoSight application.

After months of development and testing with customers and ambassadors, the app is now available in beta mode on the Garmin fleet ™ 790 tablets provided exclusively by AttriX.

Few weeks ago, we launched our Premium rate plan in anticipation of our GoSight app. Our new rate plan offers unlimited access to data consumption within Canada/USA for tablet users. This new feature allowed our team of compliance experts, fleet management specialists, developers and engineers to create new applications and add-ons to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With the legendary flexibility of our Garmin fleet™ 790, a tablet designed for fleet management, the accuracy of the data collected by Geotab and the expertise of our team at AttriX, GoSight provides compelling evidence for all types of carriers in case of a lawsuit, an accident or in case of any other event related to the use of their vehicles already connected with a Geotab modem.

Garmin fleet™ 790 : Understand the Tool

Many people often ask us to explain the difference between a classic tablet you can buy at your favorite telecommunication store and the Garmin fleet™ 790.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the Garmin fleet™ 790 tablet is an Android tablet that lets you do everything a conventional Android tablet does.

However, the difference is that the operating system has been designed and perfected for the smooth running of telematics-related applications for fleet managers, here are some examples:

How It Works?

By combining the power of the Garmin fleet™ 790 tablet, the MyGeotab platform and the telematics data collected by your Geotab modem, you’re just a click away from seeing how the accident or exception has occurred and making sure everybody is safe and sound.

What Are the Advantages?

Low operating cost (introductory price: $ 10 / month / users)

High Definition video and sound recording (MP4)

Accurate reconstruction of accidents and events

 Get data on speed, RPM, acceleration, weather, G-force and more

Configure the rules for which you would like to have a video

 Undeniable witness

Launch Promotion: 3 Months Free GoSight & Premium Rate Plan

Until November 30th, 2018, AttriX offers 3 free months on the Premium rate plan and the GoSight add-on to customers with more than 5 connected vehicles. Contact us for more information.

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