Driver Challenge

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Motivate your drivers while ensuring their safety and compliance

The Driver Challenge is an AttriX exclusive. This "gamification" solution allows you to improve the driving habits and profitability of your drivers in a fun way.

 Promote friendly competition

 Raises awareness of the impact of bad driving habits

 Identifies and helps to avoid risky behavior

 Provides continuous driving monitoring with real-time notifications

 Rewards good behavior and improvements

 Improves safety on the road

Offer your managers an unparalleled training tool

Thanks to the Driver Challenge you will optimize not only the productivity of your drivers, but also their satisfaction and retention.

 Monitor and record driver habits

 Fleet, driver and ranking reports

 Customize the rules by which your evaluate your drivers

 Weekly and quarterly trend analysis

 Attract new drivers and increase driver retention

"The Driver Challenge has helped us make our fleet safer and more efficient. Using it, we have seen a 33% reduction in incidents of poor driving per mile. We have also seen a 27% reduction in the KW/Mile we need to execute our London, Bristol and Bath routes."

Mike Pearson

Head of Growth, Farmdrop Limited

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