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Business intelligence

Simplify access to your operational data and benefit from an overview of your operations

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Entirely developed by AttriX, Lighthouse is a unique platform that allows you to analyze your telematics data precisely and in detail. Thanks to this innovative solution, you will benefit from an in-depth knowledge of your operations and make them more profitable than ever.

Electric transition

Lighthouse identifies the thermal vehicles in your fleet whose use is favorable to a transition to an electric equivalent.

 Heuristic analysis of travel habits

 Dynamic and configurable models

 Calculation of the transition feasibility score

 Calculation of potential fuel savings

Cost reduction

Lighthouse automates accurate fuel cost tracking to help you stay on top of your fleet fuel spend and improve driver trip planning.

 Daily identification of fuel prices across North America

 Short-term trend tracking

 Helps plan routes based on optimal filling locations

 Calculation of savings due to better management of fuel purchases

GHG reduction

Lighthouse automates the production of GHG reports generated by the operation of your fleet and identifies achievable reduction opportunities.

 Accurate calculation of GHG generated by the operation of vehicles

 Identification of trends by vehicles and by driver

 Support in achieving reduction targets

 Tool to help implement targeted technologies for GHG reduction


Lighthouse is a valuable tool that has no comparison on the market, giving you instant access to all compliance data.

 Trend analysis of hours of service violations by type and driver

 Highlighting several situations of regulatory non-compliance

 Follow-up of SMS and PEVL files of the fleet

 Analysis of the impacts of driver habits on company records

Maintenance optimization

Lighthouse gives you an overview of the maintenance status of your vehicle fleet in order to optimize uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

 Analysis of frequent faults and engine faults

 Analysis of average repair times

 Track performance and efficiency across different manufacturers and platforms

 Prediction of impending failures through machine learning

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