Control Center

An operation overview, for efficient decision making


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Visualize the status of your fleet and accelerate decision making, while optimizing compliance management and asset availability using Lighthouse Control Center screens - fully managed by AttriX.

Real Time

Highlight issues that need your immediate attention

 Impending hours of service violations

 Reported major/minor deficiencies

 Expiring security rounds

 Precipitation and weather conditions


Benefit from business intelligence applied to your operations

Control Center dashboards include : 

 Fuel price trends

 Consumption trends

 Idle usage trends

 Aggressive driving trends


"In the past, we often realized too late that a driver would run out of time on his log to return to the terminal or that he had forgotten to complete his RDS before his shift. This is now a thing of the past with the Lighthouse Control Center. Our screens allow us to proactively monitor these items with clear visual indicators and intervene before a violation occurs. As a result, our PEVL record has improved, our truck availability is optimized and our ticketing costs are drastically reduced. The fact that the screen is supported remotely by Attrix without any intervention on our part makes it even easier to use. We wouldn't do without it."

Pascal Peron

Vice President, Dynapro Transport

Always on when you need it

The Control Center comes with Samsung Smart Signage displays, the best in intelligent display solutions designed for business.

 Plug and play, no intervention required

 Automated scheduling and content

 Fully secured solution

  Screens designed for continuous use

  Choice of multiple screen and/or formats: 32" to 85"

  3 year warranty

Simplify your fleet management with AttriX


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