AttriX announces partnership with Drivewyze

Beloeil, February 12th, 2020. – AttriX Technologies Inc. has the pleasure of announcing the creation of a partnership with Drivewyze to collect real-time data at the time the trucks were trained in weighing stations and road inspection sites.

Weighing stations and road inspection sites provide an essential function in ensuring that trucks meet the standards set by commercial vehicle enforcement agencies. Requiring all trucks to stop can significantly increase transportation costs by reducing driver productivity and place a burden on stations that may not have the resources to control each vehicle.

No transponder required

Drivewyze PreClear is part of Attrix’s telematics solution powered by Geotab. It is the only 100% software-based service that uses GPS data and Internet connectivity embedded in a driver’s cab or mobile device, to provide legal weighing station deviations without the need for a transponder.

Considered the largest weighing station bypass program in North America, Drivewyze PreClear offers a time savings in 47 states and provinces, twice as many sites as any other bypass service on the market today.

” AttriX is confident that this partnership will enable us to significantly improve the productivity and performance of our customers. More importantly, a weight station bypass solution can considerably reduce schedule constraints on a driver which would results in reducing or eliminating excessive speeding and improved driver safety. The carriers with the best safety record can receive deviations in some states up to 98% of the time ” said Anthony Mainville, President of AttriX.

” We are excited to join the Geotab Marketplace with a unique driver-focused integration that gives drivers full access to our service network. We are confident that this partnership will facilitate access to the largest electronic screening and clearance network in Canada and the United States without the need for additional equipment to be installed in their trucks “, said Brian Heath, President of Drivewyze.

The Drivewyze PreClear program is available through the AttriX client experience Specialists and works on AttriX’s Advanced Driver Terminal Bundle powered by Samsung.

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