Geotab’s ELD solution certified by Transport Canada

Mont St-Hilaire, Qc, May 17th 2022- AttriX Technologies is pleased to announce the certification in Canada of the ELD solution offered by Geotab. Geotab’s ELD solution powered by AttriX is now ready for the January 1st implementation of the mandate for commercial vehicle drivers to manage and report their hours of service through an electronic logging device, commonly known in the industry as the Electronic Logbook.

This certification is the result of several months of rigorous testing and evaluation of Geotab’s ELD solution by a third party certified by the Canadian Minister of Transport, in accordance with federal regulations.

As a telematics world leader, Geotab has made it its duty to ensure complete compliance with Canadian regulations for all its customers and users. For the benefit of the transportation industry, its customers and partners, Geotab chose to ensure full compliance and support for four of its current and previous devices, without sacrificing any of the unique features appreciated by its users. These include multilingual support, flexibility with iOS and Android compatibility (in addition to AttriX devices), and support for variable start time of day (other than midnight). In addition to this certification, the Geotab solution offered by AttriX ensures the highest level of cybersecurity in the industry, with its ISO 27001, FedRamp, FIPS140-2 certifications.

“Since our inception, Geotab and AttriX have identified a critical need in the industry for an innovative and flexible ELD fleet management solution that can easily adapt to each customer’s operations and needs. Maintaining the highest level of security and data protection in the industry, while continuing to offer exclusive solutions and add-ins valued by our customers, was also a priority. It was therefore out of the question for Geotab to make any concession on its pillars and functionalities in order to accelerate our certification”, said Anthony Mainville, president of AttriX Technologies.

As Geotab’s largest partner in Canada, AttriX team was actively involved in the certification process of this ELD solution.

“AttriX supports its customers for compliance and we worked closely with them for the development of the ELD for the US regulations. We are once again very proud to have participated in the development of this Canadian certification with Geotab’s ELD team and senior management,” added Anthony Mainville.

Last March, CCMTA announced a new postponement of the implementation of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. With the current issues related to safety and fatigue, Geotab and AttriX teams recognize the important contribution of electronic logging devices to the safety of drivers and all road users. In fact, the vast majority of AttriX’s customers already use ELDs for both their U.S. and Canadian operations.

Geotab, a proud Canadian company and the world’s largest provider of fleet management solutions, has been recognized for the second year in a row as the best solution, according to ABI Research. As the world’s largest provider of fleet management technologies and solutions, Geotab supports more than 2.8M connected commercial vehicles, including more than 300,000 ELD-regulated trucks in the U.S. and 50,000 in Canada.

AttriX, a Quebec-based company, has become the largest Geotab partner in transportation compliance in Canada, thanks to the unique approach of its training and customer experience team, fully certified for transportation regulations by the “Centre de formation en transport routier”.

The Canadian certification of Geotab’s ELD solution is the crowning achievement of the Canadian giant’s efforts to maintain optimal safety and compliance for both Canada and the United States.

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Anthony Mainville
President, AttriX Technologies

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