ELD & Hours-of-Service (HOS)

A fully integrated solution allowing real-time communication between the driver and the office

A simple interface to improve the compliance and safety of commercial fleets.

A compliance solution to manage Hours-of-Service (HOS), driver vehicle inspection reports and driver identification. The smart mobile app works with AttriX's telematics device to help fleets comply with compliance regulations, increase productivity and driver safety. AttriX's electronic recording solution, powered by Geotab, is self-certified and registered with the FMCSA.

Improving productivity

Cutting down on paperwork, saving time and money

Improving driver safety and efficiency

Helping minimize violations and prevent accidents

Delivering real-time access to information

Integrated with dispatch platforms (TMS)

Road inspections without a bad surprise

Support for adverse weather conditions

Better access to roadside assistance when needed

Makes communication easier throughout the team

Simplicity for drivers

Originally designed for driver

With just a few clicks, your driver has access to a multitude of relevant and integrated features with all of our solutions. A simple and efficient way to keep your drivers on the road, while minimizing paperwork and the risk of error.

Automatic status update and quick touch exemptions

Supports splits, co-driving, deferral of hours, rest periods and much more

Supports exemptions such as yard move, personal personal conveyance and adverse driving conditions

Intuitive use

In addition to complying with Canadian and U.S. hour-of-service regulations, our logbook solution offers a user-friendly work experience, an automated and intuitive workflow. Simplify your drivers work flow in their daily operations.

Electronically generated hours of service graph

Contextual reminders for drivers to check logs, add mailings and other tasks

Several integrated transport management systems (TMS)

Interface available in night mode to minimize visual fatigue

Motivate your driver

Our electronic logbook and hours of service solution is also compatible with our famous Driver Challenge. This integration allows your drivers to learn more about the regulations in force, while rewarding them when adopting compliant driving habits. An AttriX exclusive.

Helps promote excellence within your team

Reward your drivers in a creative and original way

Encouraging friendly competition between drivers

Coach your drivers with automated reports

No distractions behind the wheel

IOX cable used for off-grid status change included in all of our telematics bundles

The IOX-USB includes an auxiliary USB power adapter to charge and power USB devices. The constant power of the mobile device allows the driver to use battery-intensive applications in the vehicle. The driver can use applications, such as Geotab® Drive, regardless of battery life and power with the IOX-USB cable. In addition, with the IOX-USB, the tablet display turns on and off with the ignition.

Productive at the office

The right time, in real time

Strengthen your compliance and security with standard and personalized alerts.

Minimize HOS violations with in-app driver warnings

Get real-time alerts for violations and unconnected drivers

Compliance officials can track drivers' logs, violations and remaining hours