A smart dashcam integrated into our award-winning intuitive platform, connected with telematics and artificial intelligence designed by AttriX for heavy vehicles.

A smart dashcam design with AttriX' AI for the trucking industry

For several years, our research and development projects in artificial intelligence have enabled us to integrate GoSight with unique features for carriers. Smart features such as lane drift detection and tailgating detection significantly increase the safety of your fleet. In addition, AttriX's intelligent on-board camera is a tool that helps lower insurance premiums.

GoSight is fully integrated to our award-winning fleet management web platform

The viewer is composed of 4 quadrants perfectly synchronized together.

  • HD Video

    Video in HD format, time stamped and marked with GPS coordinates

  • Map

    The route of the vehicle rebroadcast in sync on an interactive map, second by second

  • Weather

    Local weather at the time of the incident: temperature, conditions, wind, atmospheric pressure

  • Telematics

    Telematics data collected by Geotab: accelerometer, engine speed, speed and speed limit

Understand what really happened

GoSight constantly captures what is happening on the road. When an event occurs, GoSight automatically saves a contextual sequence analyzing the seconds before and after the event. Operated to its full potential, GoSight offers not only indisputable proof, but also an outstanding training tool for your drivers.

Quickly find what you are looking for

GoSight automatically categorizes all event videos as archive and prioritizes so you can easily see them clearly. Our intuitive platform allows you to preview videos to improve the user experience.



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San Diego, CA, USA
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San Diego, CA, USA
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San Diego, CA, USA

See how GoSight can make your fleet smarter and sager.

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