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Anthony Mainville


Entrepreneur and visionary with extensive telecommunications experience, Anthony founded AttriX with the goal of providing commercial fleet managers with state-of-the-art, tailored telematics solutions. As telematics continued to evolve into an essential tool, he saw Geotab as the ideal platform to develop AttriX's service offering. His leadership has enabled him to assemble a strong team, both technically and technologically, as well as on the consulting and training side. Passionate about mountain biking, Anthony applies the competitive spirit of the sport in his entrepreneurial vision. Anthony continues to develop AttriX with a very clear mission: to equip fleet managers with solutions that specifically meet their needs, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, recruitment and retention of drivers, as well as the safety of the road network.

Louis-Philippe Papillon

Technical Director

Louis-Philippe Papillon has been part of AttriX's management since our inception. Self-taught and passionate about all modern programming languages, Louis-Philippe is a key resource in the development of solutions created and implemented by AttriX. His contribution ensures the success of the company and our customers, with whom he enjoys collaborating. In addition to leading the design and integration team, Louis-Philippe leads the most innovative development projects, which quickly earned him recognition of his unique talent with the Geotab industry and management.

Alexandre C. Desforges

Marketing Director

Alexandre Cayer-Desforges made his debut with the team more than six years ago in the sale of transport solutions, then pursued his real passion and exploited his natural talent in media creation and marketing. Having started his own agency and developed AttriX branding as an external supplier, his industry expertise and vision aligned with management motivated his return to the team as marketing director, to meet the challenges and drive attriX's rapidly expanding innovative initiatives.

Melanie Cadieux

Training and Compliance Director

Melanie Cadieux had only one passion, training! His dynamism and contagious energy are quickly married with his new passion for the transportation industry. Mélanie was innovative when the ELD mandate came to an end, distinguishing herself as one of the first telematics trainers to combine technology and compliance. It has introduced a unique training method for tens of thousands of drivers since the introduction of the ELD mandate. Thanks to her initiatives and her mastery of North American regulations, Melanie quickly became a reference in the industry and an important resource to our customers and their drivers.


Tracy Adams

Regional Sales Manager

Tracy Adams has been involved in telematics for over 12 years, in both trailer management and commercial telematics. She has been commercializing the Geotab platform to TOP500 fleets in Canada for over 4 years and has become a recognized expert in both compliance and modern fleet management. Just like for all members of AttriX team, transportation is more than a job for Tracy, but truly way of life, since members of her family are also involved in transportation industry.

Charles Depelteau

Account Manager

Charles Depelteau is a technology enthusiast and has the transportation industry in his blood. Growing up in a family involved in the transportation industry, he has been fully aware of the challenges that managers have been facing since his youth. After starting his career at Apple, Charles joined AttriX and is now responsible for connected trailer initiatives, the next step in telemetry applications and a solution to several Canadian fleet operational challenges.


Genevieve Bonet

Account Manager

Genevieve Bonet made her mobile communications debut at a young age, but her passion quickly turned to telematics and fleet management over the past 13 years. In addition to building long-term relationships with customers, her enviable mastery of transportation regulations quickly made her a benchmark in the industry, notably with the adoption of the U.S. ELD and now with the arrival of the Canadian ELD.

Cathleen Lesage

Account Manager

Cathleen Lesage has joined the AttriX team since our very first industry initiatives a dozen years ago. Specializing in transportation and compliance, Cathleen stands out for her ability to identify customer challenges and develop innovative solutions with design and integration teams. With the arrival of the Canadian DCE, Cathleen is part of a unique class of experts who have a full command of regulation for the benefit of its clients.


Cindy Asselin

Executive Assistant

Emilie Beaudette

Project and Event Manager

Josiane Mercure

Sales Coordonator


Christophe Chabot

Mobile Specialist

Ghislain Durocher


Jonathan Brunet

Technical Support