AttriX’s fleet management solutions are based on six fundamental pillars. These six pillars optimize the fleet management of your vehicles through better follow-up for your drivers, super-precise engine diagnostics, route optimization, GPS real-time tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, continuous training, and much more. .


Comply to new regulations on hours of service, safety checks, IFTA, hazardous materials, etc.


Increase the productivity of your fleet through a patented scaling algorithm, which enables a better monitoring of your driver’s behavior on the road.


Improve your fleet’s safety and encourage your drivers’ good driving habits through our detailed reports.


Optimize your vehicle fleet’s efficiency with a better management of maintenance and fuel saving.


Stay up-to-date with AttriX’s advanced technologies that promote the growth of your company, on all levels.


Insure the successful implantation of our fleet management solutions. Our training sessions allows you to harvest all the benefits.

A team at your service

Meet our team


AttriX works in partnership with a wide network of well-known experts, in order to offer you complete services and integrated, efficient fleet management solutions. Our partners share our commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients : you!


  1. « We chose AttriX and Geotab for the simplicity of its operation, the openness of the employees in terms of customer service and technical services. The principle of agreement 'without a contract' is a definite advantage. The flexibility to work with the equipment of our choice is also an advantage for us. The quick and easy installation of the modem and the multitude of information that the portal allows us to recover with a few clicks help us to increase our efficiency. »

    Martin Dumais

    Transport M Charette inc.

  2. « We feel there are big savings to be made on fuel and maintenance. It raises drivers’ awareness of the quality of their driving and encourages safer habits. »

    Transport Grayson began gamifying its operations in December 2016 to save on fuel costs, track its fleet, and improve driver management. It uses the d2go Driver Challenge app, available on the Geotab Marketplace, and since using the app, the company notes it has seen an immediate reduction in fuel usage and idling times.

    Bertrand Grégoire

    Transport Grayson

  3. « Each driver is engaged at improving their driving behaviour and is able to compare themselves with other drivers in our fleet. The driver sees his rank on the leaderboard via his phone or tablet. By his efforts, the driver sees his rank improve in real time. This small challenge is taken very seriously by our drivers as we’ve installed a bonification program for those who remain in the top 20 best drivers. »

    Jérôme Bélanger

    Transport Couture

  4. « After analyzing several tracking systems, Geotab knew how to impress us with the quality of their system and the advantages we had thanks to the integration of this mobile and web platform. But first and foremost, the dynamism and quality of service offered by the AttriX team was the trigger for our technology change and our choice to do business with them! »

    Bruno Auger

    Transport BMA-MPR

  5. « When our representative came to our offices, we were impressed by her level of knowledge and professionalism. We decided to go ahead with AttriX. We had a constant support and the training team were there to help us use Geotab. I went to their office in Candiac to do some on-site training. A super friendly team. »

    Julie Tremblay


  6. « AttriX, a dedicated team with a remarkable product! An excellent synergy is created with them. They allow us to have relevant information that was difficult to calculate before !!! Bravo »

    Michel Boisvert

    Transport Vilmik

  7. « It's a gem !!! Any company with a fleet of trucks should get the Geotab software. It allows to optimize the routes of the drivers and one can respond in real time to the customers. It facilitates the work of the dispatcher and customer service. AttriX staff is knowledgeable, dynamic and dedicated. Trying is adopting…!! »


    Transport Lemaire