AttriX takes a rigorous approach to data security

To protect our customers and partners, AttriX constantly reviews, improves, and validates our security mechanisms and processes to ensure that our systems remain resistant to intrusion and disaster. AttriX collaborates with key stakeholders to advance security in the industry. As we grow, more and more industries, fleets and customers will benefit from AttriX’s uncompromising stance on data security.

Product integrity

In partnership with Geotab, AttriX owns all the IP addresses for the device hardware and firmware, as well as the software that powers the server and customer-facing tools. This means Geotab can quickly add functionality to meet emerging customer needs and market opportunities, unlike companies that outsource intellectual property and development.

15 essential elements for a cyberthreat-resistant telematics platform

The connected vehicle offers countless new benefits, namely safety, efficiency and convenience. However, connecting vehicles to the Internet has raised cybersecurity concerns as well as widespread industry debate.

Develop a safety culture within the company

Limit access to the server

Assume your code is public

Use different keys for different roles

Individualize critical data

Secure data transfer

Digitally sign updates

Enable hardware code protection

Use cryptography with random numbers

Monitor metadata to detect hacking

Disable debugging features

Apply safe design practices

Implement support for software/firmware upgrades

Conducting external audits

Check and test